September 2019


  • Meeting to assess the first year of the project; redefinition of strategies and activities for the second year;
  • Organization of the last details for the LTT activity in Baião, Portugal;
  • Project team meetings, with students and parents, for organizing learning/teaching/training activities between October 01- 04, setting the schedule, the host students, and the logistics;
  • Preparing participants at On the Sea Waves Symposium involved documenting and selecting relevant information activities and inserting them into electronic materials, designed to capture the attention and interest of those present;
  • Preparation of the Symposium “On the Sea Waves” and LTT activities for pupils and teachers and guidance of Portuguese students who are going to make a presentation at this event; the symposium is an opportunity for teachers and students develop communicative skills, to become more aware of the need to respect and preserve the marine system and how we can take part of this system in a healthy way and in symbiosis with environmental issues;
  • Organization of activities during the LTT that promote changes in current practices and attitudes regarding the conservation and rational use of natural resources of the seas and oceans;
  • Organization of dissemination and exploration activities of the final products produced within the project, in and out of school;
  • Writing press releases to disseminate activities in the media.


  • ppt materials, photos, activity sheets, and reports, lesson projects, press releases and articles, news, minutes, updated project map;
  • LTT Baião schedule for C5 and C6 activities.
  • Significant numbers of students, teachers, parents, members of the local community participated in organized welcoming activities and at the same time, became sensitive and responsible for the problems facing the marine environment and coastal areas.


  • Formation/development of documenting and information skills, materialized by making ppt materials, portfolios.
  • Training / developing skills to work as a team, communicate in English, and use ICT tools.
  • Student knowledge of the sports activities in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • To cultivate among students and teachers human values such as tolerance, respect for people and the environment, self-confidence, friendship to achieve an inclusive school environment.
  • To inform the general public about the activities carried out and the results obtained through local media and school website and by sending materials to the coordinator for updating on the official sites of the project.

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