September 2018


  • Creation of a power point presentation for dissemination of the project in the school community;
  • Exchanging contacts (email address, phone numbers, face book accounts) between teachers from all the schools partners;
  • Establishment of the “Once Upon a Time… THE SEA” project team with the inclusion of teachers from various educational areas and students from all levels of education;
  • Integrate the activities and objectives on the annual activities plan of the school valid for the period 2018-2020;
  • Preparation of a power point presentation about the school, region and country to share with partners organizations;
  • Analysis of the implementation plan and the way the project theme can be included in the school curriculum;
  • Registration on eTwinning of all team members;
  • Display the aims and the objectives of the project in the official web site of the school;
  • Distribution of responsibilities among project members.


  • Project team and meeting schedule;
  • Annual Activities Plan for the 2018-2019 school year;
  • Presentations about the project and about the school, region and country;
  • Dissemination of the project in the official web page of the school;
  • Twin space on the eTwinning platform;
  • Project map.


  • Information of the community about the project objectives;
  • Inclusion of project activities in the Annual Activity Plan;
  • Learning information about partner schools;
  • Definition of project implementation strategy at school.

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