January 2019

  • Updating the web, Facebook, and twin-project web site on eTwinning;
  • Organize and run a Sea Life Carnival that has mobilized a large number of students, parents, and teachers. The activity was remarkable due to the ingenuity and variety of costumes made from recyclable materials combined with natural elements of the sea.
  • Creating Educational Games on Countries, Towns, Seas as learning resources, taking into account the age specifics of children, their skills, and abilities that they have or want to develop.
  • Permanent online communication between students and teachers in partner schools to disseminate the results of local activities;
  • Analysis of the activities and results achieved during the September-December 2018 period and the selection of the participants in the learning/teaching/training activities organized by the partner school in Igualada, Spain (5-8 March 2019), in accordance with the provisions of the Selection Regulation of the project management team, presented to the Teaching Board and endorsed by the school principal.


  • updated web pages/Facebook / eTwinning, activity sheets and reports, photos, educational games, carnival costumes, minutes of the meeting;
  • partners’ appreciation messages about the results achieved in their posting in the virtual environment (on the project site, Facebook or twinspace, on each partner’s website)


  • Diversification of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of environmental education;
  • Use of ICT methods by students in the production of educational games and various recyclable materials and elements of the sea in making carnival costumes;
  • Increasing teamwork evolvement for a large number of students;
  • Establishment of collaboration and friendly relations between the participating students and teachers, beneficial to the good progress of the project;
  • Stimulating linguistic capacity and pupils’ creativity;
  • Teaching organization time management, materialized by the fulfillment of objectives and deadlines in the project tasks.
  • Establishment of participants in learning/teaching/training activities organized by partner school in Igualada, Spain   (5-8 March 2019), in accordance with the criteria set out in the Selection Regulations.

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