February 2019

  • Running an online poetry recital on School Day (February 1st), the protagonists occupying the 1st place at the SEA POEMS competition held in all partner schools. There were representatives of the local TV stations MEDIA TV and ALPHA MEDIA, of the schools in Medgidia, of the parents, of the local community, former and current teachers of the school and pupils. At the same time, the winners of the SEA POEMS contest and the dissemination of the project activities / results obtained between September and December 2018 took place. Taking into account the importance of the event and the wide participation, the dissemination methods were various: leaflets, illustrative panels, costumes, drawings, collages, decorative items, brochures.
  • Promoting pupils’ talent and creativity by making an exhibition of the best works with messages on marine environment protection and posting illustrating material (ppt and photos) in virtual space, obtaining positive feedback through numerous appreciative messages.
  • Carrying out a community awareness campaign on the degree of Black Sea and coastal water pollution in order to raise awareness of the problems facing the marine ecosystem and to raise awareness among decision-makers to act in order to reduce pollution and protect the flora and marine fauna. Students have made flyers, posters, banners with information, slogans, messages about protecting the marine environment and shared them in the community.
  • Preparing participants in the learning / teaching / training activities organized by the Spanish partner from March 5-8, 2019, finalized in brochures and electronic materials are to be presented at a seminar on SEA TRAVELLERS and a debate with the generic name “SCHOOL OF THE 21st CENTURY”.
  • Updating web pages, Facebook and twin space with information on running the activities and the results.
  • Writing press releases to disseminate actions and articles in newspapers.


  • drawings, layouts, collages, slogans, leaflets, portfolios, exhibition panels, photos, activity sheets and reports, press releases and articles, interviews, multimedia presentations, minutes, project maps, diplomas, brochures.


  • Increasing the number of teachers and pupils who have expressed their willingness to get involved in the activities;
  • Pushing students’ creativity and imagination by making drawings / posters / slogans / leaflets / presentations ppt. as original as possible;
  • Involvement of parents through direct participation and indirect by supporting the children in carrying out work tasks;
  • Dissemination on a large scale, using different modalities, of the Erasmus + Program in general and the “Once upon a time … SEA” project in particular;
  • Permanent updating of the official site of the project, Facebook, twin space, and school website with public information.

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