All project results can be found on this paddle:

Through collaborative work between all partners was created the (audio)mini dictionary and an (audio) mini atlas with information on the marine flora and fauna entitled The world within.

Link to: The Word Within eBOOK   

The talented students in literary creation composed sea-themed poems and signed up to the literary contest judged by the teachers. The best poems were awarded prizes. The poems awarded with the 1st prize in each partner schools were translated into English and collected in a brochure and an e-book, entitled SEA POEMS:

The best 17 poems written by the Romanian students were translated into English and collected in a brochure.

The Romanian students have created a coloring book for their younger colleagues.

Coloring Book

The project theme was continuously implemented in the school curricula within subjects like Art, Technology, Music, Science, History, IT&C, English…  The teaching scenarios from the partner schools were inserted in a teaching guide, which was uploaded as an important and attractive source of information for all interested to approach in activities related to the biodiversity of the marine environment.

The Black Sea from legend to stories is a brochure that contains the literary creations of Romanian students.

Students and teachers created educational games entitled Countries, Towns, Seas depending on the age particularities and their skills to be acquired. They may be used as attractive learning resources for various subjects such as English, Geography, Maths, History… to identify sea life aspects.


School programs for optional courses:



A literary contest included a large number of students with imagination and creativity who wrote a few wonderful stories and legends about the sea. The best creations were edited in English as e-book entitled The Sea in stories and legends:

Partner from Italy edited own e-book:

All the creations of the Romanian students have been inserted in an ebook that can be read in the Romanian language by accessing this link:

On the occasion of World Water Day, two Romanian students wrote thematic stories and poems. The most successful ones were translated into English and then inserted in an ebook that can be read by accessing the link

TASTE OF THE SEA – a collection of culinary recipes based on fish or seafood

Romanian team made a brochure with culinary recipes collected by Romanian students:

Also the Italian team made an e-book about culinary curiosities:

TRAVELLING WITH ULYSSES – a theatre play was written in collaboration with partners

Traveling with UlisseTravelling with Ulisses (the script)s (the script)

THE PROJECT ANTHEM – composed by school partner from Italy

 ERASMUS+  SNAPSHOTS (a digital photo album made through colaboration between partners)


ERASMUS+ MEMORIES e-book with the impressions of some particioants in the project made in English

and in Romanian: