October 2019


  • Hosting of learning/teaching/training activities (C5, C6) – ON SEA WAVES – 1- 4 October. The activities carried out were a remarkable experience, for both students and teachers, being attractive, interesting, and in line with the project objectives. Seminars were organized in which the teachers presented information on the importance of maritime transport in the economic development of the partner countries, and the students promoted through multimedia materials the nautical sports practiced in their country, while also highlighting the names of some athletes who have stood out in this field.
  • The children participated in workshops or thematic contests, during which they demonstrated creativity and imagination, by creating objects using organic and inorganic materials offered by the sea.
  • A totally new moment was when the students participated in a surfing lesson. Dressed in special costumes and under the careful supervision of the coaches of a surf school in Porto, they even practiced this leisure sport.
  • The visit to the University of Aveiro and the dialogue with the members of the chemistry department was an opportunity to gain knowledge on obtaining salt from the seawater. For a better understanding of the technological stages, a meeting was held with a specialist, in a natural setting, respectively a salt mine.
  • The way of the final evaluation of the project was approached from an artistic perspective, establishing the script, the distribution of roles and the anthem.
  • There was a debate in order to evaluate the way the activities were carried out during the first year.
  • Organization of activities during the LTT that promote changes in current practices and attitudes regarding the conservation and rational use of natural resources of the seas and oceans;
  • Organization of dissemination and exploration activities of the final products produced within the project, in and out of school;
  • Writing press releases to disseminate activities in the media.


  • ppt materials, photos, activity sheets, and reports, lesson projects, press releases and articles, news, minutes, updated project map;
  • report of LTT activities;
  • the number of students, teachers, parents, members of the local community who participated in LTT activities and at the same time, became sensitive and responsible for the problems facing the marine environment and coastal areas.


  • Formation/development of documenting and information skills, materialized by making ppt materials, portfolios.
  • Training/developing skills to work as a team, communicate in English, and use ICT tools.
  • Student knowledge of the sports activities in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • To cultivate among students and teachers human values such as tolerance, respect for people and the environment, self-confidence, friendship to achieve an inclusive school environment.
  • To inform the general public about the activities carried out and the results obtained through local media and school website and by sending materials to the coordinator for updating on the official sites of the project.

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