October 2019


  • Documenting and collecting the most significant information on maritime transport, part of the economic development of Italy;
  • Organizing trips to find out more about the biodiversity of the Mediterranean Sea and the pollution problems it faces;
  • Sharing ecological issues with local political actors;
  • Collaboration with UNIPA professors – University of Palermo;
  • Gathering important data on water sports in Italy and their representatives;
  • Preparation of materials for the transnational seminar called On Sea Waves (C5-C6) – organized by the School of Baião, Portugal;
  • Selection of the team of teachers and students who will participate in LTT in Portugal;
  • Publication of activities on Facebook and eTwinning;
  • e-mail correspondence between partners;
  • Correspondence with the host school from Baião, Portugal;
  • Participation in LTT activities (1- 4 October 2019) – Baião – Portugal;
  • Dissemination of activities.


  • Organizing workshops with middle school students, with the theme of risks and possible damage of natural events (eruptions, lakes, floods) in the area of ​​human intervention, with the participation of professors from the University of Palermo – Department of Earth and Sea;
  • Presentation of the activities carried out in the seminar “On Sea Waves” – Water sports (C5), through a detailed report, illustrated by photographs;
  • Powerpoint material on Maritime transport and its role in the economic development of Italy (C6);
  • Improvement of working methods with partner countries during LTT activities;
  • Awareness of increased pollution of seas and oceans due to plastic waste;
  • Emphasizing the importance of water sports;
  • Knowledge of Portuguese culture and the role of the Atlantic Ocean from an economic and social point of view;
  • Improve communication in English with partners;
  • Distribution of the results of the activities carried out through the national newspaper.


  • Improving the relationship between people, sea, and life, by sharing knowledge derived from experience;
  • Water sports as a moment of socialization and sustainable approach to the sea;
  • Involving students in research activities that contribute to the formation of appropriate civic behavior;
  • Addressing the problems of the marine ecosystem through sports lessons;
  • Stimulating the motivation for exploring the natural values of the sea from an economic point of view;
  • Encourage language learning;
  • Development of innovative ITC;
  • Knowledge of Portuguese culture;
  • Increased awareness of the law regarding the environment.

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