October 2018

  • Creation of Erasmus Corner and set up Euro-classes with information about partner schools;
  • Preparing and explaining students’ designs to make the logo;
  • Organisation of a Project Logo Contest;
  • Approaching ecosystem and marine environment topics promoted by the Micro Cosmos Association in Primary and Secondary lessons;
  • Sharing via Internet marine information specific to each partner country;
  • Presenting the PPT prepared for the video-conference Our sea in daily life;
  • Realization of handicraft with materials from the sea beach for the SEART exposition;
  • Preparation for the transnational meeting in Romania;
  • Exchange of educational scenarios with partner schools;
  • Completing the electronic correspondence database; active correspondence with partners.


  • Erasmus corner, posters, handicrafts made by students, a design of a logo, power point presentations, digital materials, SEART exhibition, photos; reports; press releases; preparation of the material in order to realize some cards on Mediterranean flora and fauna


  • Active correspondence with partners;
  • Involvement of pupils in the project activities;
  • Enrichment of skills and knowledge related to the marine system;
  • Development of artistic expressive abilities;
  • Developing ICT skills and communication in English;
  • Promotion of cooperative learning methods.

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