November 2019

  • Organizing activities for the Art Craft thematic competition;
  • Selecting and recycling the materials needed to make objects and models;
  • Choice of a jury;
  • Selection of students who will participate in the competition;
  • Appreciation of the objects made and awarding of prizes;
  • Promotion of activities on Facebook and eTwinning platform;
  • e-mail correspondence between partners.


  • Art and craft models created using the origami technique;
  • Manually making objects and models using different recyclable materials.


  • Creating stimulating situations for self-expression;
  • Involving students in research activities that contribute to the formation of ecological and civic behavior;
  • Development of the capacity to approach the problem of pollution in a creative and artistic way;
  • Development of practical skills, the achievement of objects;
  • Encouraging teamwork, by asking the help of colleagues or parents.

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