November 2018


  • Addressing issues about ecosystems and marine environment in the lessons at primary and secondary level;
  • Workshop on the Mediterranean Sea in Catalan and English;
  • Documentation activities for the creation of a multilingual mini-dictionary (audio) called “The world within” and an atlas (audio) with information on the flora and fauna of the marine environment, which can be real teaching material in Environmental, Biology or English lessons, for students in primary and secondary education.
  • Planning and implementing a series of educational classes for students and parents and exchange of teaching scenarios between partners;
  • Uploading our eTwinning platform and our Project Drive folder;
  • Working meeting with parents and students, representatives of the local press to present the results of the meeting in Romania, posted on the eTwinning platform.


  • Powerpoint presentations, photos, achievement of didactic scenarios included in a methodological guide, a multilingual mini-dictionary with images and a mini-atlas “The world within”, information on biodiversity, reports on the trip to Romania.


  • Enrichment of knowledge about the flora and fauna of the marine environment in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Knowledge of environmental problems and promote a civic attitude to preserve it.
  • Development of communication skills in English, teamwork and ICT use.