November 2018


  • Documentation activities for the creation of a multilingual mini (audio) dictionary and an (audio) atlas with information on the marine flora and fauna entitled The World Within;
  • Meeting with the Erasmus team – a division of tasks and responsibilities as a result of proposals from the transnational meeting in Romania;
  • Planning and implementation of a series of educational classes for students;
  • Exchange of information with partner schools on marine biodiversity;
  • Dissemination of the result of the transnational meeting in Romania with school staff, parents, and the press.


  • Drawings, PPT presentations, photos, contribution to the realization of teaching scenarios included in a methodological guide, a multilingual pictured mini-dictionary named The world within.


  • Acquisition of terminology appropriate to the project theme;
  • Enhancement of pupils’ language skills;
  • Awareness of “marine ecosystem problems”;
  • Developing the skills of expression using scientific language;
  • Promoting environmentally friendly behavior.

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