May 2020


  • Rehearsals to learn songs about the sea and the project anthem;
  • Editing of theatre Play Once upon a time … The Sea;
  • Sea life preservation – collecting of information on the protection of marine eco-system;
  • Debates on marine protected areas located in Italy, especially in Sicily;
  • Organize online lessons through the Google search engine;
  • Posting activities on Facebook and eTwinning;
  • Correspondence via e-mails between partners.


  • ppt. about the marine protected areas of Sicily;
  • Interdisciplinary multimedia products comprising information on the following disciplines: Geography, English, History, Art, Biology;
  • Promotion of the most important natural, cultural and historical areas of Sicily;
  • Sharing objectives and working methods with partner countries.


  • Capitalizing on students’ creativity;
  • Promoting online teaching – distance learning;
  • Stimulating students’ desire to participate in research activities;
  • Raising awareness of the need to protect marine areas;
  • Addressing the problems of the marine ecosystem through knowledge concerning the history of the area;
  • Encouraging language learning;
  • Development of innovative ITC.

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May, 2020 – Italy