May 2019


  • Project team meetings, with students and parents, for organizing learning/teaching/training activities between May 13-16, setting the schedule, tasks, the student hosts, and the logistics;
  • Preparing participants at The Sea-Past, Present, and Future Symposium involved documenting and selecting relevant information activities and inserting them into electronic materials, designed to capture the attention and interest of those present.
  • Running The Sea-Past, Present and Future Symposium and LTT activities for pupils and teachers in all partner schools, a remarkable experience for both students and teachers, based on good collaboration and communication in English in new contexts, and working in mixed teams have led to the promotion of human values such as tolerance, generosity, freedom of expression, respect for the environment, people, trust in their own capacities and in others, friendship. The diversity of activities has helped to build a fair attitude towards the marine environment and coastal areas, with the participants becoming aware that their protection must be a priority of the riverain countries, by praying by any means to change current practices and attitudes regarding the conservation and rational use of natural resources of the seas and oceans.
  • Organization of dissemination and exploitation activities of the final products produced within the project, in and out of school.
  • Updating the information from the online spaces dedicated to the project and filling in the file with the documents related to May.
  • Writing press releases to disseminate LTT activities in the media.


  • ppt materials, portfolios, photos, activity sheets, and reports, lesson projects, press releases and articles, news and TV interviews, minutes, updated project map;
  • significant numbers of students, teachers, parents, members of the local community who participated in organized activities, and who became sensitive and responsible for the problems facing the marine environment and coastal areas.


  • Formation/development of documenting and information skills, materialized by making ppt materials, portfolios.
  • Training / developing skills to work in a team, communicate in English, and use ICT tools.
  • Student knowledge of the Black Sea past and the opportunities it offers.
  • To cultivate among students and teachers human values such as tolerance, respect for people and the environment, self-confidence, friendship to achieve an inclusive school environment.
  • To inform the general public about the activities carried out and the results obtained by permanently updating the official site of the project, the Facebook page, the twinspace, and the school’s website.

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