May 2019

  • Documenting, collecting and exchanging information between partner schools;
  • Preparation for LTT C3 and C4;
  • Making a PPT by students – for C3 activities – The Sea in the past, now and in the future, legend, the current situation important for the future;
  • Achieving a PPT C4 – Teachers – The Importance of the Sea and marine activities in the past period;
  • Participation in LTT: THE SEA – PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE, hosted by Lucian Grigorescu School Medigidia Romania 12-16 May 2019, attended by  C4 –  6 teachers and  C3 – 8 students.


  • Research activity: history, trade, navigation in the Mediterranean, with particular reference to Sicily;
  • Research activities – Mediterranean ecosystem – the current situation important for the future;
  • Participation in LTT C3 and C4;
  • Knowledge of Romanian culture by students hosted in everyday life of families;
  • Comparability between students in different schools;
  • Exchange of best practices;
  • Comparing social and educational culture between teachers in different schools;
  • Participation in educational seminars – with particular reference to BES students.


  • Improving language skills;
  • Developing socialization;
  • Know how to adapt to situations others than daily;
  • Knowing different cultures;
  • Improving the ability to solve problems;
  • Knowledge and deepening of teaching methods;
  • Know how to compare practical situations common to all schools;
  • In-depth knowledge of geographic and biological elements;
  • Developing respect for different cultures.

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