March 2020


  • The theme of March, “Water, the essence of life”, had as its main objective the awareness of the students about the importance of water in our daily existence, their awareness of preserving and protecting its quality. At the same time, the aim was to develop the skills of documentation, using the Internet, to find references to the myths and legends of Romanians about water. The most relevant aspects can be found in the presentation “Water, the essence of life”, posted in English on the eTwinning platform ( and on the project site, in order to exchange information with the partners.
  • Suspension of courses due to the COVID-19 pandemic determined the continuation of activities, only online. Thus, the students watched, from home, the documentary film Water, the miracle of life and various scientific experiments posted by the project coordinator on the educational platform (
  • The visualized materials were an inspiration for children, and – they expressed the way of perceiving the importance of water by making some plastic and literary creations. Two of them, most original, were inserted into English-language ebooks, accessible to the general public.
  • The activities ended with the completion of an online questionnaire with the theme ”Water and climate change”, which was aimed at verifying the knowledge of the students accumulated during class hours, or by consulting other sources of information. All the materials made can be found in the online spaces dedicated to the project:,  and its map.

• Powerpoint presentation, ebooks, photos, thematic drawings and paintings, activity files and reports, updated project map.

• Training of skills and abilities to document and select information from various sources;
• Development of language and IT skills through the development of electronic materials in English;
• Cultivating and capitalizing on students’ creativity;
• Involvement of parents both directly and by supporting children regarding participation in activities and carrying out work tasks;
• Updating the official website of the project, the Facebook page, the twinspace and the school website with information of public interest.

Click on the link below to see the illustrative report!

2 ebooks – ”The stories of a drop of water”