March 2020


  • Collection of informative materials concerning legends and myths about water;
  • Workshops aimed at identifying the meaning of some myths; the determining role of the sea on climate change – fundamental to the ecological balance of the planet and human life;
  • Raising awareness of environmental issues through scientific statements;
  • Celebrating International Water Day by creating a ppt. entitled Water, the essence of life (myths, legends, science);
  • Organising experiments that highlighted the special role of water in our lives; online lessons using the Google search engine; thematic works;
  • Posting activities on Facebook and eTwinning;
  • Correspondence via e-mails between partners.


  • Writing a ppt. regarding water as the essence of life;
  • Approaching notions of history through legends;
  • Video made by students with scientific experiments;
  • Creating a thematic material containing information from the following subjects: Italian, English, History, Music, Art;
  • Online debate on International Water Day (March 22);
  • Sharing objectives and working methods with partner countries;


  • Promoting the importance of the relationship between marine life, humans and the sea, through legends and myths;
  • Valuing creativity;
  • Promoting online teaching – distance learning;
  • Stimulating reading and research activities;
  • Raising awareness of climate change;
  • Involvement of students in research activities;
  • Addressing the problems of the marine ecosystem through a real and a legendary prism;
  • Stimulating the motivation to explore the natural values of the sea from an artistic point of view;
  • Encouraging language learning;
  • Development of innovative ITC.

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March, 2020-Italy