March 2020


  • Organising activities to debate about the importance of water in our life;
  • Find information in groups about how is important to keep water with quality;
  • Start to preparation a document to share with partners but due to COVID 19 we stopped the school activities and it wasn’t finished;
  • At home, watching some documents about the poles melt, the plastic in oceans and the waste of water in normal life;
  • Involve parents to sum up the materials;
  • Publication of activities produced on Facebook and Instagram;
  • Dissemination of activities.


  • Videos about water and life;
  • Photos to concern about the importance of clean oceans;
  • Show of paintings and photos;
  • Dissemination through Facebook, Instagram and web page.


  • To concern students about how water is important for our daily life;
  • To enlarge the skills to search and classify information with a critic sense;
  • To enhance student’s creativity;
  • To promote the cultural activities after school;
  • Encourage the learning of foreign languages;
  • Development of innovative ITC.