March 2019


  • On March 5-8 there were C1-C2 learning/teaching/training activities called SEA TRAVELLERS organized by the Spanish school, with students and teachers from all partner schools.
  • The students have performed documenting activities on the main ports and tourist destinations on the Black Sea coast. They have selected the most relevant information and inserted it into PowerPoint materials, flyers, or boards exhibited in the classrooms.
  • Following theme trips on the seashore, the students prepared portfolios with literary reports and photos, presentations.
  • Eforie Nord beach was cleaned up and the students continued their Information campaign for the citizens regarding pollution problems faced by the Black Sea and the importance of keeping a clean environment.


  • Flyers, portfolios, boards, photos, activity files and reports, press releases and press articles, updated project files.
  • Significant numbers of students and people aware of the marine environment and coastal area issues.


  • Parents’ direct and indirect involvement in the activities.
  • Acquisition of documentation and information selection skills, inboards, flyers, and electronic materials.
  • People’s increased awareness of the pollution issues faced by the Black Sea and forming a responsible civic behavior.
  • Public information on the project activities and outcomes by permanent updates of the project website, Facebook page, and school website.

Click on the link below to see the illustrative report!