March 2019


  • Organizing by our school during March 5-8, C1-C2 learning / teaching / training activities called Sea Trips, with students and teachers from all partner schools;
  • Powerpoint presentations realized by students about tourist destinations in Catalonia;
  • Debate based on the Catalan educational system, presentation of the legislation that applies with reference to students with special needs – with physical, psychological, socio-economic and cultural disadvantages;
  • Presentation of the organizational system of the schools, the program, the personalized teaching and intervention plans;
  • Themed trips on the Catalan seafront, followed by student presentations in the form of power points with reports and photographs;
  • Presentation of a whale made from recyclable materials, an invention of the local group “International Young Entrepreneurs”, located in the school yard, in order to throw in his stomach the plastic that all families use in a week and to suggest how we should reduce plastic to improve wildlife;
  • Attendance to a play called “Pesca plastic” which explained how plastic materials affect the sea.


  • Leaflets, portfolio, panels, photographs, activity reports and project files;
  • A significant number of children and adults have been shown to be aware of how plastic waste affects the health of the marine environment;
  • Numerous materials prepared to carry out the activities for the meeting in Igualada.


  • Improving the skills of selecting documentation and information, synthesizing by presenting on panels, leaflets and electronic materials;
  • Awareness of the pollution problems facing people, as a result of inappropriate civic behavior;
  • Permanent updates of the school website to promote the project results;
  • Developing the ability to solve problems, learning how to perform at different situations of daily life;
  • Improvement of language skills;
  • Knowledge of different cultures;
  • Direct and indirect involvement of parents in activities.