March 2019

  • Collection of information on main ports and tourist destinations – PPT realized by students who attended the LLT – Escola Gabriel EL Castilla Igualada, Spain. Students presented and argued the material realized.
  • ITALIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM & STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS – research on the legislation that applies to the Italian school system with particular reference to pupils with physical disabilities and disadvantages (socio-cultural, economic, dyslexia. The organizational system of schools, programming, personalized teaching plans, targeted interventions and compensation.
  • Participation to the learning and teaching activities “ SEA TRAVELLERS” – attended by 6 teachers and 6 students (C1- C2) for 4 days.


  • Power points: THE ITALIAN TOURISTIC AND ECONOMIC PORTS;  THE ITALIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM; STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS; exchange of good practice;  knowledge of customs and traditions of Catalonia; knowledge of the Spanish education system –  be a student in Spain, what means inclusion in the forms of Gabriel el Castilla School.


  • Knowledge of different cultures, respecting not only the own rules but of the others, as well;
  • Developing the ability to solve problems, learning how to adapt to situations different from daily ones;
  • Comparing certain features of European landscapes, also in relation to their evolution over time;
  • Enhancement of linguistic skills and development of socialization.

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