June 2019

  • Monitoring, evaluation and dissemination of activities between January and April 2019
  • Meeting with the school staff and the parents’ committee of the pupils involved in the project
  • Drafting articles to be published by local and national media to promote the enrolled activities
  • Making informative materials in Power Point format
  • Preparing and developing questionnaires for pupils, school staff and team members
  • Publishing activities on Facebook and Etwinning
  • Mail correspondence between partners
  • Promotion activities of the project at the June 27 meeting, attended by all the teachers of the Francesco Riso Institute, the students’ parents and representatives of the local community, in which all the activities carried out between September and June were presented. The project team has produced informative materials, marking through photos, the important moments of all activities and the final products;
  • Erasmus team meeting for analyzing activities and organizing activities for the first year of activity.


  • Presentation, report, articles on LTT in ROMANIA and on the project itself in national newspapers: The newspaper Palermo Today
  • Analyse of questionnaires related to the first year of activity.


  • Improving the language skills of all participants in the project;
  • Involving as many pupils, parents and teachers as possible in carrying out the proposed activities;
  • Analyzing the cultural moments achieved through this project;
  • Developing social skills;
  • Analyze weaknesses and strengths of the project till now.