June – July – August 2019


  • Monitoring, evaluation and dissemination of the activities carried out during the first year of the project;
  • Meeting with parents, teachers and students to evaluate the stay in Romania;
  • Preparation of questionnaires for students, parents and teachers involved in the project;
  • Posting activities on Facebook and eTtwinning;
  • Workshop of the Erasmus + team to carry out the reports and evaluation of the activities of the first year and to decide the organization for the second year project.


  • Power points, photos, press articles to present the activities of the whole community;
  • Updated information through all our dissemination methods;
  • Evaluation questionnaire related to the activity of the first year.


  • Improving the language skills of all participants in the project;
  • Involving as many students, parents and teachers as possible in carrying out the proposed activities;
  • Highlighting all the goals achieved throughout the year;
  • Analysis of the weaknesses and strengths of the project so far.