June 2019


  • The organization, with other schools, of activities of dissemination and exploitation of outputs done during the first year;
  • Execution, by students, parents, and teachers, of plastic scaled models and decorative objects, and participation in activities dedicated to World Environment Day, organized in partnership with Mare Nostrum NGO, entitles No Plastic.
  • Participation in the launch of two projects in partnership with Mare Nostrum NGO, Environment Guard, schools from Constanța District, and main sponsor Coca-Cola. Our main target is to mobilize many students, parents, and teachers to intensively promote the “Zero Waste” principle.
  • Providing evaluation instruments for the activities in the first project year, their translation in English, and their application by all partners.
  • Evaluating the activities by applying questionnaires to a representative part of teachers, students, and parents.
  • Review of the applied questionnaires and conclusions during direct meetings of the school project meeting and online, on the partnership level.
  • Selection of participants in LTT activities in Portugal (1-4 October 2019).
  • Updating the information on dedicated project online space and its dossier.


  • Scale models, ppt materials, photos, activity files and reports, press releases, TV shows, reports, project dossier;
  • Participants in the activities;
  • Positive impact on changes of attitudes among the community members with regards to the environment.


  • Development of critical thinking, ability to the (self) evaluation of the outcomes following the involvement in the project.
  • Determination of the impact of the activities on the partner schools and their communities;
  • Formation of a responsible social, civic, and ecologic behavior among the members of our local school community as well as local and district community.
  • Promotion and dissemination of relevant aspects and final outcomes/outputs.

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