July-August 2019


  • Participation of three members from our project team to the international workshop “Improvement of public access to the monitoring data of marine waste in order to reduce marine pollution in the Black Sea”. The workshop was organized by Mare Nostrum NGO within MARLITER, BSB 138 project, financed through the Operational Program Black Sea Basin 2014-2020. For two days (3&4 July), the participants debated on the waste problem, trying to find solutions to this global solution. The meeting was also a great opportunity to promote our project via leaflets, promotional materials, followed by talks on relevant aspects of the activities from the first project year.
  • The organization, in partnership with Mare Nostrum NGO volunteers, of a workshop No plastic waste, to educate sustainable development and shaping sustainable behavior among students, parents, and teachers.
  • Cooperation with the partners in order to update the information on Mobility Tool+ and EPRP platforms
  • Updating the information on the project web space and in paper format.


  • Photos, activity files, and reports, participation certificated, press releases, reports, updated project file;
  • Many participants in the activities;
  • Positive impact on changes of attitudes among the community members with regards to the environment.


  • Development of critical thinking, ability to estimate the impact of human activities on the environment in general, coastal areas and marine ecosystems in particular;
  • Education and information of the public in order to raise more awareness on the conservation of protected areas;
  • Formation of a responsible social, civic, and ecologic behavior among the members of our local school community as well as local and district community.
  • Promotion and dissemination of relevant aspects and final outcomes/outputs from the first project year.

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