July – August 2019

  • Analysis of the results of the questionnaires applied in relation to the activities carried out in accordance with the implementation plan of the first year of the project;
  • Promoting the activities carried out on the Face book and eTwinning pages;
  • Verifying the importance of achieving a permanent exchange of information between partners through e-mails;
  • Analysis of the activities carried out in order to better organize the second year of the project;
  • Preparation of the LTT activity, which will take place between 1-4 October, in Portugal.


  • Analyse of the questionnaires applied to evaluate the first year of activity;
  • Ppt materials, portfolios, photographs, activity files and reports, press releases and articles, minutes, updating the project map;
  • A significant number of students, teachers and parents wanted to be involved in organizing LTT C5-C6 activities.


  • Improvement of language skills.
  • Improving the organization and carrying out of the proposed activities.
  • The involvement of an increasing number of participants, willing to promote the interesting activities of the project.
  • Informing the public about the activities carried out and the results obtained by permanently updating the official website of the project, the Face book page, Twin space and the school website.
  • Involving parents in particular by supporting children in carrying out the projected activities.
  • Training of documentation skills and information selection, by developing ppt materials, portfolios.
  • Development of social awareness skills and cultural enrichment.
  • Analyze the weaknesses and strengths of the project.