January 2020


  • The January theme “My Beautiful Sea” brought together students with artistic skills in workshops where they made drawings and mural paintings. These activities stood proof of the students’ creativity and skillful use of various work techniques in order to illustrate marine landscapes as close to reality as possible. All participants were given sweets and awards.
  • Students, teachers, parents and representatives of the local community participated in an ample celebration of the School Day. It was a great opportunity to promote our project and its outcomes with diploma awards to students who gave the best works in the contest The Sea in stories and legends, as well as teachers who coordinated them. It was also awarded the ArtCraft Prize to the winners of the transnational online poll for the two sections: SCALE MODELS (https://www.tricider.com/embed/?show=3OubOVUtQKN) and ITEMS (http://www.tricider.com/embed/?show=2ftPCqwm4Il). Given the importance of the event and the large participation, there were created illustrative boards with the best drawings, paintings and costumes intended to dramatize the legends written by the students, decorations and brochures provided to the guests.
  • Organization of a Reading Club, where the best 20 literary creations from the contest The Sea in stories and legends were read. A jury panel of 5 students and 2 teachers of Romanian language evaluated and set the best 4 works, which, believe it or not, belong to 4 students, one from each project partners!
  • Updating the website, Facebook and Twinspace pages with information on the project activities and outcomes/outputs.
  • Editing press releases to disseminate the project activities.


  • Drawings, portfolios, boards, photos, files, reports, press releases, drama, multimedia presentations, diplomas, brochures, decorations. 
  • https://youtu.be/_eiK2p5iFrE


  • Increasing number of teachers and students who got involved in the project activities;
  • Development of students’ creativity and imagination via original drawings / paintings / decorations;
  • Promotion and dissemination in various ways of Erasmus+ Program in general and “Once upon a time… the SEA” project, in particular;
  • Updating the official project website, Facebook and Twinspace pages and school website with general information.

Click on the link below to see the illustrative report!