January 2020


  • Organizing some preliminary activities to make a mural painting with the title “My sea, so beautiful!”;
  • Working meetings of students and teachers in order to select the topic and to prepare the graphic     sketch;
  • Publication of the activities carried out on Face book and eTwinning;
  • e-mail correspondence between partners;
  • Dissemination of activities in workshops, carried out in schools located near our institution.


  • Drawing of marine-themed sketches needed to create the mural painting;
  • Choosing the sketches according to some current ecological problems;
  • Emphasizing the importance of group work and common elections;
  • Approach-knowledge of the main themes of Odyssey.


• Addressing the problems related to the marine ecosystem through creativity in art;
• Stimulating the motivation for exploring the natural values of the sea from a geographical, historical and      artistic point of view;
• Forming an ecological and civic behavior of the students;
• Experimentation with graphic and pictorial tools and techniques;
• Encourage language learning;
• Development of innovative ITC.

Click on the link below to see the illustrative report!