January 2020


  •  The topic for January “My Beautiful Sea” made it possible to organize a set of artistic sessions in which students drew and painted marine motifs;
  • Students and teachers painted panels to decorate the mural on the theme of January;
  • The students who wrote the stories and legends of the sea were distinguished;
  • The dramatization for the musical to be performed in Italy continues to be rehearsed;
  • Selection of the students to LTT activity in Italy;
  • Editing press releases to disseminate the project activities.


  • Drawings, Paintings, boards, photos, files, press releases, drama, multimedia presentations, diplomas, brochures, decorations about the theme “My beautiful Sea”;
  • Mural about the Sea;
  • Publication of the works in the school newspaper;
  • The script for the musical was finalized.


  • Improving art skill, creativity, and imagination;
  • Direct and indirect involvement of parents and community in the activities;
  • Promotion of responsibility sense related to the Sea problems;
  • Dissemination and promotion of the Project “Once Upon a Time… THE SEA!”
  • Increasing the number of teachers and students who got involved in the project activities;

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