January 2019


  • Organization of creative workshops for the development of a Sea Life carnival, completed by a parade through the school;
  • Creating educational games about countries, cities, seas, as learning resources, taking into account the age specificity of the children, the skills they have or want to develop;
  • Permanent online communication between students and teachers from partner schools to disseminate the results of activities;
  • Organizing working meetings with teachers, students and families in Igualada, in order to better know some original ways of carrying out the activities;
  • Promoting the learning / teaching / training activities that take place in our school;
  • Updating the dissemination modalities of the project activities.


  • Up-to-date dissemination methods, activity files, reports, photos, educational games, carnival masks, meeting minutes.


  • The use of ICT methods by the students for the creation of educational games and of the various materials and recyclable elements of the sea in making carnival masks;
  • Enrichment of teamwork spirit for searching and selecting information about our country;
  • Establishing collaborative and friendly relationships between participating students and teachers, as a benefit for the progress of the project;
  • Stimulating students’ ability and creativity;
  • Improving problem solving skills and finding solutions;
  • Developing country information through games.