January 2019


  • Organizing and running a carnival about marine life, some creative art workshops by primary school students;
  • Carnival costumes parade in the streets of the town;
  • Meeting with parents and the Erasmus team to organize students’ participation in LTT / C2;
    Meeting with the Erasmus team for selecting LTT-C1 participants;
  • Selection of the participants in the learning/teaching/training activities organized by the partner school in Igualada, Spain (5-8 March 2019);
  • Creating Educational Games on Countries, Towns, Seasons learning resources, taking into account the age specifics of children, their skills, and abilities that they have or want to develop.


  • Educational games, carnival costumes, photos;
  • Report on the budgetary analysis of the project.


  • Developing curiosity and interest in documentary work;
  • Tackling the theme of the marine environment in a playful manner;
  • Increasing analysis and synthesis skills and interest in communication;
  • Improving problem-solving capabilities and finding solutions;
  • Stimulating linguistic capacity and pupils’ creativity;
  • Establishing collaborative and friendly relationships between participating students and teachers, as a benefit for the progress of the project;
  • Stimulating students’ ability and creativity;
  • Improving problem-solving skills and finding solutions;
  • Developing the country’s information through games.

Click on the link below to see the illustrative report!