June – July – August 2020

June 5 – WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY was celebrated this year via online activities such as workshops, webinars, or Facebook contests, in partnership with Mare Nostrum NGO, as GREEN WEEK ONLINE FEST. During a week with a lot of challenges and surprises were approached topics like marine biodiversity (scientific workshop); marine waste; responsibility towards marine environment and sustainable behavior; active volunteering. The project coordinator was one of the prize winners of the environment festival, as a result of the right reaction to the challenges.

During the Teachers’ Meeting from June were reviewed the activities from the second project year and applied online questionnaires to representative responders. The responses were reviewed by the project team in order to set out an activity schedule for September 2020 – February 2021, following the decision to extend the project implementation time. The unanimous conclusion was that the project was attractive and interesting for all participants who did their best to understand the common issues of the marine environment and coastal areas.

Older students, though on vacation, participated in online workshops organized by volunteers from Mare Nostrum NGO, in order to promote the “zero waste on the beach” principle and acquisition of their skills for selective waste management.

The project team members dealt with the completion and submission of the candidature form in order to participate in the competition of awarding the European Linguistic Certificate.

Even in a pandemic situation, fully observing the government regulations, we enjoyed the sea in the summer, playing on the beach, practicing various seawater sports or simply listening to the sea, admiring the sunrise and sunset.


 * Digital materials, diplomas, prizes in themed objects, videos, photos, reports, Project folder.


  • Acquisition of information on marine biodiversity, sustainable behavior;
  • Formation and development of students’ and teachers’ practical skills to selectively manage waste and make various themed objects through their reuse;
  • Parents’ involvement in organizing quality free time for their children;
  • Completion/Update of the Project official website, Facebook page, and school website with public interest information.
  • Completion/Update of the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform and Mobility Tool+

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