February 2020


  • Gathering relevant information and curiosities about the Black Sea and inserting them into a ppt presentation, which later became an e-book entitled “The Sea, an inspiration source for art”. The activity, which proved to be very pleasant for the participants, required careful documentation from the secondary school students, under the guidance of the teachers, by accessing the Internet. The resulting material was presented to the students in the primary and secondary classes, within a few courses, in disciplines complementary to the thematic approached. Also, the acquired knowledge was shared in an online seminar conducted with the partner school in Italy, and the material ppt. was posted on the eTwinning platform, in the space dedicated to the project, thus being accessible to all partners;
  • Conducting thematic education classes in the optional course “Children and the sea”, according to the program;
  • Organization of practical activities for the realization of some Romanian symbols of the spring, made from elements of the sea, which were sold in an exhibition, the funds obtained being destined for a charitable purpose;
  • The arrangement at the school level of an exhibition panel with photographs taken by the students of the third class, which illustrates the Black Sea coast;
  • Updating the project map and web pages, Facebook and twinspace with information on the progress of the activities and the results obtained.


  • exhibition panels, photos, activity files and reports, powerpoint presentations, update of the project map, ebook, thematic booklets.


  • Increasing the number of teachers and students who have expressed their willingness to get involved in the activities;
  • Formation of skills and abilities to document and select information from various sources;
  • Development of language and IT skills by realizing electronic materials, in English;
  • Enriching the cultural horizon of students and teachers by exchanging information at the transnational level;
  • Training and developing the practical skills of the students to make thematic objects;
  • Involving parents both directly and by supporting children in the participation and accomplishment of work tasks;
  • Updating the official website of the project, the Facebook page, the twinspace, and the school website with information of public interest.

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