February 2020


  • Organizing activities to collect material required for the online meeting Sea Art Inspiration;
  • Explanation about different art expressions, films, paintings, music, theatre…
  • Watch some films, listen to some music, observe some painting, and watch some theatre about music and talk about that in groups;
  • Choose of some of these materials to make a powerpoint;
  • Involve parents to find other materials at home;
  • Publication of activities produced on Facebook and Instagram;
  • Dissemination of activities.


  • Power point illustrated with painting, photos, other art expression and music;
  • Show of paintings and photos;
  • Body expression with Marem from Kepa Junquera (vasc country musician);
  • Collection of films about our sea;
  • “Mar i Cel” a Catalan sea theatre;
  • Dissemination through Facebook, Instagram and web page.


  • To involve families for collect sea art;
  • To know some art expressions;
  • To understand the theatre based on sea topic;
  • To enhance student’s creativity;
  • To promote the cultural activities after school;
  • Encourage the learning of foreign languages;
  • Development of innovative ITC.