February 2020

Activities carried out:

  •  Preparatory activities of the material required for the online meeting entitled Sea – Art Inspiration (music, film, painting, photography);
  • Organization of working groups for watching movies and listening to thematic music, collective readings, text analysis, the debate about films, presenting the sea caught by the camera lens;
  • Creating the soundtrack of a PowerPoint material, with songs performed at the flute;
  • Dissemination of the activities carried out from December to February, with the participation of parents, representatives of the local authority, school staff;
  • The debate about the ecological problem with local political actors;
  • Posting activities on Face book and eTwinning;
  • e-mail correspondence between partners.


  • Powerpoint material illustrated with photographs containing the summary of the activities carried out from December 2019 to February 2020;
  • PPT made by students with reference to films with marine themes: actors, directors and cinematographic techniques used;
  • Isola Delle Femmine – a video made by students;
  • Interdisciplinary didactic material with a content that refers to the following subjects: Italian, English, History, Musical and Art;
  • The debate about the importance of the sea as presented in cultural events (music, art, film production)
  • Music Workshop – Claude Debussy: LA MER

Objectives achieved:

• Highlighting the special relationship between man, sea, and life, through cultural performances (cinema, music, art in general).
• Enhancing students’ creativity;
• Promoting teamwork;
• Stimulating leisure activities, such as going to the cinema, listening to music, reading, painting;
• Involving students in research activities;
• Addressing the problems of the marine ecosystem through arts and creative languages;
• Stimulating the motivation for exploring the natural values of the sea from an artistic point of view;
• Encourage language learning;
• Development of innovative ITC;
• Sharing with school staff, parents, local actors the results of the project, and the progress made.

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