February 2019


  • Online poetry recital, organized on the occasion of the School Day in Romania (February 1, 2019), supported by the authors selected in the contest Poems about the sea, held at the school level;
  • Promoting the talent and creativity of the students by conducting a workshop and an exhibition with the best works with messages about the protection of the marine environment;
  • Posting illustrative materials, using ITC tools;
  • Design lessons on “Advertising” to make better slogans;
  • Developing a community awareness campaign regarding the degree of pollution of the Mediterranean coastal water, in order to sensitize the population on the problems facing the marine ecosystem;
  • Creation of posters, slogans, messages about the protection of the marine environment and their distribution in the community;
  • Poster Gallery on marine environment protection;
  • Research activities to highlight the specificity of Igualada and Catalonia;
  • Simulate a Fishermen’s Congress to look for information on fishing systems and to discuss which are more or less friendly to our environment, as well as to talk about fish species in the Mediterranean, using the dictionary “The World Within”.
  • Making materials for the activities “Traveling by sea” for teachers and students and “School of the 21st century” for teachers in Igualada.
  • Preparatory activities with students, teachers and families, necessary for the meeting in Igualada, C1 and C2;
  • Updating the dissemination methods.


  • poetry recital, slogans, drawings, exhibition panels, photos, articles, multimedia presentations, project maps, activity sheets and reports.


  • Increasing creativity in our students by making drawings, posters, slogans and reciting poems;
  • Improving students’ ICT skills;
  • Permanent update of the project’s official website, Facebook, Instagram, website, twinspace.