February 2019


  • ”Sea Poems” – Online poetry recital – Skype activity;
  • Realization of the materials required by the host school from Spain for a PPT entitled “Sea travelers”;
  • Gather information for the participation of teachers in a debate on the topic “School of the 21st century”.
  • Creation of a campaign to inform people on the importance of a healthy marine environment under the title “Together for the sea”, with slogans in the English language;
  • Writing articles (school newspaper).


  • Poetry recital, drawings, exhibition panels, photos, articles, slogans, multimedia presentations, flyers, posters, banners with information, messages about protecting the marine environment.


  • Developing students’ creativity by making drawings/posters/slogans/writing poems;
  • Increasing the number of teachers and students who participated in the activities;
  • Involvement of parents by supporting their children in carrying out work tasks.

Click on the link below to see the illustrative report!