December 2019

     Activities carried out:

  • Organizing activities to collect sea things to make collective sea creations   (1st, 2nd and 3rd grades);
  • Explanation about legends that existed around the sea;
  • Watch some films about legends (3,4,5 years old);
  • Explain some sea legends from our area;
  • Workshop about how to create your own legend;
  • Involve parents to help students create a legend;
  • Make a contest with the best legends and chose the more creative ones (5th and 6th graders);
  • Workshop about how to illustrate a legend – 1st and 2nd graders illustrate the legend they explained in the class;
  • Workshop about how to illustrate a legend in pairs, they have to read the winner legends and illustrate them;
  • Publication of activities produced on Facebook and Instagram;
  • Dissemination of activities carried out.


  •  Legend compilation about the sea area;
  • Collection of sea legends in cartoon;
  • Legends created by students;
  • Illustrations of the winner legends;
  • Collection of sea things to make collective sea creations;
  • Sea Murals done by all students;
  • Dissemination through Facebook, Instagram and Webpage.

Objectives achieved:

  • To involve families to help students create a sea legend;
  • To know some information about how to create a legend;
  • To make an imaginative creation with sea things related with the sea, in big groups;
  • To understand legends created by colleagues and illustrate them;
  • Involve students in research activities that contribute to the formation of an ecological and civic behaviour;
  • Make good products collaborating with other students;
  • Encourage the learning of foreign languages;
  • Development of innovative ITC.