December 2019


  • Organization of information and documentation activities for the students on the tales and legends about the Black Sea, from online and hardcover sources, as inspiration in order to include them in the literary creation contest The Sea in stories and legends;
  • The above contest was developed with the participation of numerous students who showed much imagination and creativity when writing about some beautiful legends and tales about the sea. Their creations were evaluated by the Romanian language teachers, awarded and included in a brochure printed and presented as a gift to each participating students and guests of “Lucian Grigorescu” School Day (January 31, 2020);
  • E-book and book editing in Romanian and English, including all awarded creations belonging to students from all project schools.
  • The students illustrated the tales and legends of the sea via drawings;
  • Promotion of the contest via online uploads of all creations;
  • Evaluation of the implementation and achievement of outputs, as well as the involvement of teachers and students in the project activities for the selection of participants in the LTT activities in Italy;
  • Updating the project website and file.


 – e-books, brochures “The Sea in stories and legends” in Romanian and English, report, project file.

The works of our students awarded to the contest of literary creation “The sea, in stories and legends” have been inserted in a brochure that you can view by accessing the link:

Also, the Romanian team made a brochure with the best five creation in each partner school.


  • Development of interest for the local history, Black Sea Past;
  • Formation of skills and abilities to document and select information from various sources;
  • Cultivation and valorization of the students’ literary talent and creativity;
  • Development of linguistic and digital skills, students’ ability to illustrate tales and legends of the sea.

Click on the link below to see the illustrative report!