December 2019


  • Organizing clubs for reading legends and sea stories based on myths and history;
  • Coordination of the literary contest “The sea in stories and legends”;
  • Evaluation of works based on text analysis;
  • Dissemination of the activities carried out during the period September-December with the participation of the teaching staff of the school, the parents and the representatives of the local administration;
  • Participation in the “ARTCRAFT” competition; exhibition of works and appreciation of the most successful ones by vote;
  • Publication of the activities carried out on Facebook and the eTwinning platform;
  • e-mail correspondence between partners;
  • Preparation of the necessary materials for the mural painting “My beautiful sea” – planned in January 2020.


  • Reports and Power points relevant to the activities carried out from September to December 2019, illustrated with photographs;
  • Legends and stories written by students;
  • Interdisciplinary lessons in the disciplines as: Italian, English, History, Musical Art;
  • Making an e-book intitled “The sea in stories and legends”;
  • Sharing working methods with partner countries;
  • Knowledge of the most popular myths about the Mediterranean Sea.


  • Improving historical knowledge about the Mediterranean Sea by cultivating the passion for reading;
  • Stimulating the motivation to know the natural values ​​of the sea, the creativity of the students and the teamwork;
  • Involving students in research activities that contribute to the formation of an ecological and civic behavior;
  • Addressing the problems of the marine ecosystem;
  • Encourage language learning.

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