December 2018


  • Poetry workshop, reading and analyzing existing poems;
  • Use of ICT tools for drawing drawings to illustrate poems;
  • Creation of winter holiday decorations from natural sea materials;
  • Exposure of ornaments with the purpose of decorating all the common spaces of the school;
  • Contest of literary creation – Sea Poems, in partner schools and on transnational levels;
  • Monitoring, evaluation and dissemination of activities carried out between September and December 2018 and promoting them through social networks.


  • ebooks Sea Poems, leaflet and electronic booklet with poems, Christmas decorations, exhibitions, photos, Christmas greeting cards


  • Sharing the Christmas traditions and customs specific to each partner country;
  • Development of teamwork and collaboration skills;
  • Cultivating creativity, literary talent of students;
  • ICT skills development and communication in English;
  • Promote environmentally responsible behavior.