April 2020


  • Collection for a culinary brochure of fish and seafood recipes entitles Taste of the SEA;
  • Involvement of students and parents in the creation of culinary preparations;
  • Thematic workshops on healthy eating; raising awareness of environmental issues;
  • Organize online lessons through the Google search engine;
  • Organizing group activities, about traditional fish-based recipes;
  • Posting activities on Facebook and eTwinning;
  • Monitoring, evaluation, and dissemination of activities carried out between January and April 2020;
  • Correspondence via e-mails between partners.


  • Making an ebook using the book creator – with students’ multimedia products;
  • Videos made by students and parents illustrating fish dishes according to traditional recipes;
  • Promoting information on traditional culinary art;
  • Sharing objectives and working methods with partner countries.


  • Capitalizing on students’ practical skills and creativity;
  • Promoting online teaching – distance learning:
  • Raising awareness of the need to protect the marine environment;
  • Stimulating the motivation to explore the natural values of the sea through a gastronomic perspective;
  • Encouraging language learning;
  • Development of innovative ITC;
  • Promoting and encouraging the relationship between parents and children by making culinary products.

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