April 2019


  • Looking for information and running activities to learn more about European marine environment policies;
  • Selecting the most relevant information and introducing them in the power point materials, the basis of organizing a thematic seminar;
  • Participation in the online Seminar “Closer to Our Sea”, an opportunity for participants from all partner schools to exchange information on legislation, action plans that countries implement against marine pollution;
  • Highlighting the campaigns proposed by the EU for the protection of coastal areas, seas and oceans and for their sustainable exploitation;
  • Organizing a meeting with parents, students and teachers to evaluate the visit in Igualada and record suggestions for improving activities;
  • Training for LTT hosted by the school in Medgidia, Romania in May 2019.


  • Photos, activity sheets and reports;
  • Inform students, teachers and parents about the problems facing the marine environment and coastal areas and about EU policies for their protection and sustainable exploitation.
  • Knowledge of strategies and objectives for the policy on protected areas, European and Catalan.


  • Engaging students in research activities that contribute to the formation of an ecological and civic behavior;
  • Knowledge of the legislation on the actions necessary to protect the marine environment;
  • Raising awareness of actions needed for sustainable fisheries development;
  • Improving socialization, language skills and students’ motivation to participate in activities, self-confidence and an open mindset;
  • Knowledge of the pedagogical practice necessary for lifelong learning;
  • Involving parents through direct participation in assessment sessions;
  • Informing the general public about the activities carried out through the project website, Face book, Instagram and the school website.