April 2019


  • Students carried out documenting activities to inform about European marine environmental policies. They selected the most relevant information they inserted into PowerPoint materials or flyers and made them known at the level of the class, school, or partnership within a thematic seminar.
  • The online seminar “Closer to our Sea” was an opportunity for participants in all partner schools to exchange information on legislation, action plans that countries are implementing against marine pollution. The conclusions highlighted that the EU is campaigning to protect coastal areas, the seas, and the oceans, and to exploit them in a sustainable way.
  • Sea-themed trips were organized, with pupils making portfolios including literary reports and photos, ppt presentations.
  • The information from the online spaces dedicated to the project has been updated and press releases have been written; there have been dissemination actions.


  • Leaflets, ppt materials, portfolios, photos, activity sheets and reports, press releases and articles, minutes, updated project map.
  • Significant numbers of students, teachers, parents, members of the local community who are aware of the problems facing the marine environment and coastal areas and have learned about EU policies to protect and exploit them sustainably.


  • Involvement of parents both through direct participation and by supporting children in carrying out their activities.
  • Formation of documentation and information skills, materialized by making leaflets, ppt materials, portfolios.
  • Informing the school and local community about the problems faced by the marine environment and coastal areas and promoting EU policies to protect and exploit them sustainably.
  • Pupils’ knowledge of the specifics of the Black Sea seaside and of the opportunities it offers to the tourists.
  • To inform the general public about the activities carried out and the results obtained by permanently updating the official site of the project, the Facebook page, the Twinspace, and the school’s website.

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