December 2018

  • Conducting the SEA POEMS competition at the level of the gymnasium classes, translating in English the best five creations selected by the Romanian language teachers to be inserted into an ebook, along with those of the partner school colleagues;
  • Drawing up a brochure with all the award-winning poems of our school students;
  • Making Christmas tree ornaments using specific materials related to the sea by children under the guidance of teachers;
  • Arranging exhibitions with the ornaments and a decorated fir tree;
  • Promoting works by posting photos in the online environment;
  • Exchange of greeting cards between partner schools on the occasion of the winter holidays;
  • Drawing up the regulation for the selection of pupils participating in the learning activities hosted by the partner school in Igualada – Spain and carrying out the pre-selection according to its provisions;
  • TwinSpace update on the eTwinning platform and the project site;
  • Completing the project map.


  •  ebooks Poetry of the Sea, leaflet and electronic booklet with poetry in Romanian, Christmas decorations, exhibitions, photos, cards, minutes, project map; Sea Poems ebook that includes award-winning poems from students in partner schools.


  • Enriching the knowledge of the specific traditions and customs of each partner country;
  • Developing skills and teamwork skills;
  • Cultivating and capitalizing on creativity, literary talent of students;
  • Development of ICT skills and communication in English;
  • Promoting environmentally friendly behavior.

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