It – September 2019


  • games at sea: participation of students in outdoor recreational and ecological activities;
  • ”Identify the sea with your own country” – proposals for educational activities that highlight the main characteristics of the sea;
  • publication of activities on Facebook and eTwinning;
  • e-mail correspondence between partners;
  • selection of students who will participate in LTT activities in Portugal;
  • preparation of the teams participating in the LTT activities in Portugal from October 1 to 4 and of the presentation materials during the On Sea Waves seminar;
  • dissemination of the activities to be carried out in the second year of the project.


  • ppt presentations, video clips, photo albums, diplomas;
  • attendance report at the On Waves Sea seminar.
  • implementation through games of behaviours, which can be of real help in the protection of the sea;


  • deepening the relationship between man, sea and life;
  • achieving better socialization as a result of organizing sports and games;
  • involving students in research activities that contribute to the formation of an ecological and civic behaviour;
  • addressing the problems of the marine ecosystem through playful methods;
  • development of communication skills in English and ICT use.