September 2020 – September 2021



  • Meeting online with partners for planning the activities for the extend period of project and to analyse the results obtained;
  • Organizing of some interdisciplinary lessons through which students developed their practical skills by modeling marine creatures in the wood or they made drawings, paintings, or different objects that illustrate the beauty of the Sea and their time spent on its shore;
  • The members of the project team participated in a seminar entitled New methodologies for learning, organized by the partner school in Italy in collaboration with the Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences at the University of Palermo. During the seminar, teachers from all partner schools discussed ways to integrate new technologies in teaching and exchanging good practices. (
  • Creating of thematic e-cards for Christmas holidays and posting them on project’ Facebook page;
  • Our students, guided by the teachers, looked for information about the Sea as inspiration in Portuguese music, cinema and painting;
  • Online meeting between partners to discuss the implementation plan for the new extension period of the project, respectively until August 31, 2021, if about the staging of the play Traveling with Ulysses.
  • On the occasion of World Water Day, students discovered new and interesting information through watching movies about the importance of water for life. Also, inspired by the films watched they made drawings/paintings.
  • Colaboration with partners for creation of digital photo-album with relevant aspects of implementation of the project; (
  • Learning songs about the Sea, the project Anthem and rehearsals of Travelling with Ulysses play;
  • Realization of filming of our part in the play and sending the video to school coordinator for to make whole film which was viewed in virtual LTT activities, organized by the Italian school (
  • Participation of students and teachers selected in LTT activities (May – 24-27th)
  • Collecting the impressions of few participants in the project, translated into English and sending them to coordinator for insert them in an e-book, entitled Erasmus+ memories (;
  • Organizing of activities for dissemination of project results at the school or Local levels.
  • Completing data in the Mobility Tool+ and collaboration with partners for uploading the results on EPRP and editing the final report.


  •  thematic e-cards, activity sheets, implementation plan for extend of period, digital photo-album, videos, e-book, reports.


  • Assimilation of new and interesting information about the water of the seas and oceans;
  • Developing creativity and digital skills;
  • Developing and capitalizing on students’ and teachers’ creativity;
  • Evaluation of the activities, of the realized products, and of the impact of the project;
  • Dissemination of results and promotion of the Erasmus+ Program.

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