Setting Erasmus+ board

 Our sea in daily life (videoconference)



Educational lessons for students

THE WORLD WITHIN (creation of a mini-dictionary and a mini-atlas with information on the marine flora and fauna)

Sea Poems  (contest of literary creations)

SEART (creation of winter holiday decorations using natural marine materials)


COUNTRIES, CITIES, SEAS (educational games)

 TOGETHER FOR THE SEA!  (creation of slogans and information campaign on the importance of a healthy marine environment)

 Sea travellers (seminar organized in LTT – Spain)

 CLOSER TO OUR SEA (online symposium on European marine protection policies)

THE SEA – PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE (seminar organized in LTTA – Romania)

  The Children and the Sea (outdoor activities)

 ON THE SEA WAVES (seminar organized in LTTA – Portugal)

  Art Craft (contest)

 The Sea in stories and legends (literary creation contest)

 My beautiful Sea! (drawings, graphics, mural painting)

 The Sea an inspiration source for art (research and exchange of information between partners)

 Water – essence of life

Taste of the SEA (collecting of seafood recipes)

Learning songs on the Sea and the project Anthem

Sea life preservation

Travelling with Ulysses (performance during the LTTA in Italy)