• student involvement in research activities in order to form skills for marine environment protection;
  • understanding of problems of marine ecosystems via interdisciplinary lessons;
  • stimulating motivation to explore the sea natural resources from cultural perspective;
  • shaping a responsible ecological, social and civic behaviour;
  • motivating the study of foreign languages;
  • supporting the development of IT&C, teaching and linguistic skills.

The project will prepare the students of the partner schools to perform documentation activities via interdisciplinary approaches, in order to shape an ecological, social and civic behavior and raise awareness of the environmental problems. Students’ involvement, originality and creativity are ways to draw attention to the stakeholders on the serious issues in coastal areas. A special focus will be on involving students with social problems and disabilities.

  All planned activities shall increase the motivation to explore sea natural values and the cultural perspective. The way students perceive their role in marine environment protection will be shown in the script of a play to be written and performed by the students from all partner schools during the final project meeting from Italy (May 2020).

  The project outputs will enrich and diversify the teaching materials of the partner schools: a DICTIONARY with information on the marine flora and fauna, POSTERS, DRAWINGS, MURAL PAINTINGS, SONGS, PHOTOS, BROCHURES with FOOD RECIPES and LITERARY CREATIONS as legends, stories, poetry, play, EDUCATIONAL GAMES and MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATIONS.

They will also be uploaded online, as educational resources for everyone.