It – December 2018

  • Conducting the SEA POEMS competition at the level of the primary and secondary classes, translating in English.The best five creations selected by the Italian language teachers to be inserted into an ebook, coordinated by Romania team;
  • Drawing up a brochure “book creator” with all the poems of our school students;
  • Making Christmas tree ornaments using specific materials related to the sea by children;
  • Arranging exhibitions with the ornaments and a decorated fir tree;
  • Exchange of winter greeting cards between partner schools;
  • Development of the regulation for the selection of pupils participating in the learning activities hosted by the partner school of Igualada – Spain;
  • Updating the eTwinning virtual space, the eTwinning platform, the Face book page, and the school website;
  • Monitoring, evaluation, and dissemination of activities carried out between September and December 2018.


  • ebook SEA POEMS, leaflet, and an electronic booklet with poetry in Italian and English, Christmas decorations, exhibitions, photos, cards, minutes, contribution to Sea Poems ebook that includes selected poems from students in partner schools.


  • Develop collaboration between pupils in performing play activities or in-class lessons;
  • Promoting a responsible attitude towards the environment and positive relationships with colleagues and adults;
  • Providing the opportunity to treat the theme of the marine universe from different points of view using different languages;
  • Development of ICT skills and communication in English.

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