April 2020

The students continued their activities from home, by getting involved in a fish-based food recipe, with the support of their families. The recipes and the photos of their output were sent to the project coordinator via email in order to be introduced in a brochure to be printed and turned into an e-book. 

Six recipes were selected and translated into English so as to be included in the brochure Taste of the SEA, in hard and electronic copy.

Also using electronic communication there was a permanent exchange of information between project partners and the assigned National Agency representative, in order to set common viewpoints regarding the organization of online activities in order to provide project continuity during school course suspension following the Coronavirus pandemic.

All parties commonly agreed to prolong the project with another 6 months and so the coordinating school can send to the National Agency all relevant documentation to prepare an addendum to the financing contract.


  • two brochures with food recipes based on fish, in electronic and hard copy: 



  • photos, videos, activity files, and reports, updates of the project folder.


  • Acquisition of documenting and selection skills regarding traditional recipes based on fish and healthy food principles;
  • Development of language and digital skills via multimedia materials in English;
  • Direct involvement of parents and students in performing the activities;
  • Updates of the project online space with relevant formation for the public.

Click on the link below to see the illustrative report!